Regional Elections Format

  • Board Region Review Presentation - September 12, 2022

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    Board President, Lisa Bowman presented the following at the May 21, 2018 Regular Board Meeting:

    Statement about Regional Elections Format

    Over the past few months the Board of Directors have discussed briefly in the open public meeting and less briefly in Committee of the Whole the Three Region Plan which was brought into place by a 1999 ruling in the Court of Common Please, Chester County, Pennsylvania, Civil Action Law, No. 97-00801. Our present discussion sprang from a concern that the present system is a type of gerrymander that disenfranchises specific entities, specifically Parkesburg Borough.

    Our discussions have all been centered on the Board of Director’s responsibility according to this law and our obligation as elected officials toward the spirit of the law. With clarity provided by our solicitor the Board has found that we have not been negligent in any manner to the exact application of the law and that in fact we are compliant to the law in our present practice. However, we believe that a review of the parameters set within the law is a responsible task for this Board. In that spirit we have discussed in a Committee of the Whole Board on two occasions the population numbers based on the 2010 census and the implications of those numbers. It is our belief that the regions are nearly equal as possible and no change is necessary at this time. We also believe that a review of the census numbers after the 2020 census is a logical and prudent step and we will undertake this task after the 2020 census is published.

    The Board Directors are in consensus that fair elections and fair representation is important. Board Directors represent all residents in their Region but more importantly they represent all children and the needs of these children for a positive educational experience. We will continue to do this within whatever electoral process is used.