Octorara Elementary School

    Octorara Elementary School is a 3rd and 4th grade school.  It currently has eight 3rd grade classes and eight 4th grade classes.  Class sizes typically range from 19-25 students.  In addition to the core content subjects of English Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics, Science and Social Studies on a daily basis, students have a 45 minute class in the following unified arts once every six school days:  physical education, health, digital literacy, STEM, art and music.  Students also exchange books in our library once every six days during ELA time.  All 3rd and 4th grade students also have the opportunity to participate in our chorus program.  Octorara Elementary School also provides many additional support services for students who need them in order to have a successful educational experience.  
    Octorara Elementary School 
    Principal: Brian Dikun bdikun@octorara.org
    School Counselor: Michelle Moran mmoran@octorara.org
    Intervention Specialist: Josh Irons jirons@octorara.org
    Reading Specialist: Amy Steinmetz asteinmetz@octorara.org
    Nurse: Tamela Cooper tcooper@octorara.org

    Octorara Elementary School Office Staff
    Debbie Mattis, Building Secretary & Student Attendance
    610-593-8238 ext. 20500
    Susan Simpson, Principal's Secretary
    610-593-8238 ext. 2501